The Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) is an independent, non-profit research center located in Barcelona and promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Catalonia's Autonomous Government, within the CERCA network, a program of excellence in research that currently brings together more than 30 research institutions in one of the larger, if not the largest, scientific clusters in Southern Europe. ICis particularly unique in geographical terms because is the first large-scope climate research center created in the Mediterranean Basin.

As an independently managedpublic non-profit institution, ICwas created to efficiently undertake top level research in the field of climate sciences, with a special geographical focus on the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Africa. Our vision is to be a unique institution by fully integrating biospheric processes in the next generation of climate information models and in doing so, becoming an international benchmark within our thematic area. Our main objective is to contribute to generating and advancing knowledge about the climate by bridging the gap between the physics of the climate system and the complexity of the biosphere.