First global conference on health and climate

IC3 researcher Dr Rachel Lowe attended the first ever global conference on health and climate at the World Health Organization, Geneva, 27-29 August, 2014.

The conference aimed to provide guidance to Health, Environment, Energy and Development Ministers of Member States, senior Civil Servants, technical experts, other UN agencies, NGOs, Chief Executives from Health Authorities, and relevant private sector entities, by providing a spring-board for action in addressing the impacts of climate change on health, with the potential to improve the lives of millions.?The conference delegates worked towards common objectives to empower the health and sustainable development communities to enhance resilience and protect health from climate change, identify the health benefits associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other climate pollutants and support health-promoting climate change policies.

“I teach a module on climate change and human health at the University of Barcelona. It was extremely interesting to learn more about the co-benefits for health that can be achieved through climate change mitigation activities and the duty of the health community to lead by example. This conference has given me an excellent opportunity to get a better idea of what is being achieved globally, the lessons of which I can take back to my students. Also, being able to foster my professional networks and discuss my research with fellow academics has been extremely valuable.” reports Dr Rachel Lowe from the conference.

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