• IC3 Talk

    20/09/2011 General

    Dr. P. Graham Mortyn (Department of Geography and Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) "Instrumental validation of a summer SST proxy for the NE Pacific: paleo-applications and global teleconnections"

  • IC3 Talk

    16/08/2011 Research

    Luis Rodrigues (CFU, IC3) "Seasonal Niño forecasts using different forecast systems"

  • IC3 Talk

    09/08/2011 Research

    Fabian Lienert (CFU) "Simulation and Prediction of North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature"

  • IC3 Talk

    26/07/2011 Research

    Aida Pintó (CFU, IC3) "Climate of the month June-July 2011"

  • IC3 Talk

    14/07/2011 Research

    Reindert J. Haarsma (Global Climate Division, KNMI, The Netherlands)  "Anthropogenic changes in the Walker Circulation and their impact on the extra-tropical planetary wave structure"

  • IC3 Talk

    05/07/2011 Research

    Alvaro Corral (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Bellaterra) "Energy dissipation of hurricanes: influence of ocean warming and criticality"

  • IC3 Talk

    01/07/2011 Research

    Professor Matthew England (Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC), The University of New South Wales) "Trends in Southern Hemisphere climate variability and impacts on regional rainfall"

  • IC3 Talk

    28/06/2011 Research

    Clemente Gallardo Andres (MOMAC, Univ Castilla La Mancha) "A new regional coupled climate model: Coupling and preliminary results over the Mediterranean basin"

  • IC3 Talk

    31/05/2011 Research

    Luis Rodrigues (CFU, IC3) "Climate of the Month March-April 201"1

  • Open Lecture

    23/05/2011 Education

    Jordi Isern (UDIC / ODC, IC3) "An Introduction to Physical Oceanography"