• IC3 Talk

    28/01/2013 Events

    Carolina Vera (Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmosfera, CIMA/UMI-IFAECI): "Variability and predictability in South America"

  • IC3 TALK

    17/01/2013 Research

    Krijin Paaijmans (Centre de Recerca en Salut Internacional de Barcelona, CRESIB): "Relevant temperature for determining disease risk"

  • IC3 Talk

    04/12/2012 Research

    Francisco Doblas-Reyes (CFU, IC3): "Decadal climate forecasting: lessons from CMIP5"

  • IC3 Talk

    21/11/2012 Research

    Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth (University of Washington): "Seasonal predictability of Arctic sea ice: Assessing its limits and potential in a GCM and implications for observations"

  • IC3 Short Meeting

    16/11/2012 Events

    Alberto Carrassi(CFU, IC3): “Data Assimilation and Post-Processing for Weather and Climate Forecast”

  • IC3 Talk

    30/10/2012 Research

    Louis-Philippe Caron (MISU and long-term visitor at CFU, IC3)

  • IC3 Special Talk for the broad public

    05/10/2012 Events

    Virginie Guemas (CFU, IC3): "Past, present and future of the sea ice cover in the Arctic"

  • IC3 Talk

    27/09/2012 Research

    Patricia De Rosnay (ECMFW, UK) "ECMWF land data assimilation"

  • IC3 Talk

    18/09/2012 Research

    Isabel Andreu-Burillo (CFU, IC3) "Climate of the Month July & August 2012"

  • IC3 Talk

    06/08/2012 Research

    Laia Andreu-Hayles (UDIC, IC3 and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University) "Forest response to environmental change - tree-ring case studies"